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Market Memberships

Farmers Market CSA Shares

What is a Farmers Market CSA Share?

Instead of receiving a preselected delivery of vegetables, Market Members can attend any farmers markets that we attend and redeem the value of their share throughout the season at the farm stand. There is no minimum redeemed purchase when you visit and you can attend or not attend as you see fit. This allows for the benefits of being a CSA member, receiving a great value on great produce, while allowing the flexibility and choice of attending the farmers market. You can get what you want week to week, with no commitment to attend each week. You're balance expires 2 years from signup. It can also be renewed at any time.


In addition to having choice, farmer market members often receive specials on items. Do you love canning? We often have canner tomatoes and other produce at a good price. Market members also receive culinary herbs free of charge at the markets when we have them. Just like our box share, market members get a weekly newsletter from the farm, as well as access to recipes from the farm and the Local Thyme Recipe Service.

For the farm, the benefit is having you as a member investing in the farm, allowing us to grow things right.

How do I use my account at the farmers market?

After you sign up on the website, you will receive an email invoice. Mail your payment to the farm. We will then mail you a card loaded with your shares value. Once we start attending the markets for the season, you will receive an weekly email with the farm newsletter, recipes, and a list of what we will have available that week. When you go to the market Saturday morning, just pick out what you would like for the week and present your card. We will swipe it and it will automatically deduct from your balance. We'll let you know at that time what your remaining available balance is. If you lose or forget your card, don't worry. We keep a list at the market, so we can still run your purchases. Chat us up for some cooking tips, and then eat well all week!

Click here to see what markets we are attending. 

What amounts are available?

There are 3 prepaid amounts:

           $200 for a $230 value

           $300 for a $355 value

           $400 for a $480 value

Your balance is good for 2 years from the time you sign up.

Any unused balance from 2018 will roll over into 2019.




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